Improving your future with beauty school

Tips For Controlling Thick Hair On Men

Thick hair can be very difficult for men who want simple-to-care-for locks. While thick hair can be tamed with length, this isn’t a viable option for men that prefer shorter hair. The following are a few techniques or recommendations that you can make to your male clients to help them achieve no-fuss shorter hair. Many of these tips can also apply to women who prefer a shorter, lower-maintenance cut.

Tip #1: Remove Some Weight

There are two ways to remove weight – going really short or thinning out the bulk of the hair while maintaining length. If your client doesn’t want a buzz cut, thinning is a good option. Choose the texturizing thinning scissors for thick hair, since finishing thinners remove too little hair to make a major difference on thick hair. Remember to cut away from the scalp when using thinners, otherwise you will end up with short hairs …

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2 Tips For Paying For Beauty School

Going to beauty school is an excellent idea, especially if you have a desire to work with hair, makeup, and everything beauty related. It can open the door to the field of cosmetology, and you can specialize once you are done with beauty school, if you would like. However, one downside to attending beauty school is the cost. Trying to pay for your tuition can often times be difficult to do all on your own, but thankfully there are different things that you can do to help you afford beauty school. This article will discuss 2 tips for paying for beauty school.

1. Apply For Financial Aid And Scholarships

Like other colleges, beauty schools offer you both financial aid and scholarships. You can apply for financial aid through the government, and these include pell grants and loans. The grants are excellent because they are based on your income, and they …

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3 Ways To Transition Your Models To Paying Clients

While you are in a cosmetology program, you will need several willing models to practice your new skills on. This usually means that you will enlist the time and trust of your friends and family members until you finish your course and receive your licence to practice professionally. While you are a student, both you and your friends and family benefit from this relationship. You have models to practice on and they get discount or free cosmetology services. However, when you reach the end of your program, you will need to transition these models into paying clients, and it can be difficult to get someone to pay for what they have been getting for free. Here are three ways to make the transition easier.  

Define Your Relationship Early 

From your first procedure with your model, you should let them know that you are (or are becoming) a professional. …

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