3 Ways To Transition Your Models To Paying Clients


While you are in a cosmetology program, you will need several willing models to practice your new skills on. This usually means that you will enlist the time and trust of your friends and family members until you finish your course and receive your licence to practice professionally. While you are a student, both you and your friends and family benefit from this relationship. You have models to practice on and they get discount or free cosmetology services. However, when you reach the end of your program, you will need to transition these models into paying clients, and it can be difficult to get someone to pay for what they have been getting for free. Here are three ways to make the transition easier.  

Define Your Relationship Early 

From your first procedure with your model, you should let them know that you are (or are becoming) a professional. Let your friends and family know that you are offering them a great deal or discount while you are learning and discuss what your prices will be when you finish your program. If you are particularly close with your model, you may even ask for their input when setting your prices. This way, you know what they are willing to pay and they expect to pay it as soon as you finish your program. 

Offer Your Services In Trade 

While you are in school, you are benefiting from your models allowing you to practice your skills on them. However, when you finish, you will lose that benefit. While it may be difficult to go from a free service to charging your set amount, you may find it easier to offer your services in trade. If your model is an accountant, you can offer a free procedure in return for tax assistance. You may offer free manicures in return for your roommate doing a larger portion of the cooking or cleaning. This sets up your services as something of value, and it will make it easier to transition to monetary payment in the future.  

Have Models Purchase Supplies 

While you might not want to charge your models while you are learning, you do not have to foot the bill for all of your supplies. Any time you purchase disposable supplies particularly for a model, you should have them contribute to the cost. You should let them know that you are getting a discount on the high-quality products you are using, and that you are passing that discount directly onto them. However, having them pay the cost of the supplies will get your models used to exchanging money after their procedures. 

Finding models while you are training should not be difficult, and if you prime your models, it should be fairly easy to transition them to paying customers and start building your client base. 


14 May 2015

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