Tips For Controlling Thick Hair On Men


Thick hair can be very difficult for men who want simple-to-care-for locks. While thick hair can be tamed with length, this isn't a viable option for men that prefer shorter hair. The following are a few techniques or recommendations that you can make to your male clients to help them achieve no-fuss shorter hair. Many of these tips can also apply to women who prefer a shorter, lower-maintenance cut.

Tip #1: Remove Some Weight

There are two ways to remove weight – going really short or thinning out the bulk of the hair while maintaining length. If your client doesn't want a buzz cut, thinning is a good option. Choose the texturizing thinning scissors for thick hair, since finishing thinners remove too little hair to make a major difference on thick hair. Remember to cut away from the scalp when using thinners, otherwise you will end up with short hairs beneath long hairs. This will cause the short hairs to push the long hairs up and make the hair look even thicker.

Tip #2: Keep It Moist

Although the cut is important, so is the condition of the hair. Thick hair tends to dry out, which can make it look even more frizzy and unruly. Conditioning treatments are the key to avoiding this issue. Recommend a daily conditioner made for thick hair and explain to your clients why it is important to keep up on it. You can even recommend a weekly deep conditioning treatment, but keep in mind that clients looking for lower maintenance hair aren't likely to want to add an extra chore into their hair care routine.

Tip #3: Skip Mid-Length Styles

Thick hair works best when it is taken to extremes – long or short with nothing in between. A buzz cut is the quickest and simplest way to tame thick hair, but not always preferred or flattering. Long hair can also tame thickness, even if it is only chin length. If a mid-length style is insisted upon, the best way to do it is to combine the very short with the slightly long. Shaving or cutting very close on the sides and back can remove a lot of weight. Then, leave the top a little longer so it is more likely to lay flat. Chunking shears, a type of thinning scissors, can help you create an attractive transition between the shaved back and longer top. This is because they remove the bulk of the hair at the transition line, leaving only a small amount to create the smooth transition necessary.


23 December 2015

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